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Dive into the dynamic world of AI to grapple potent technology tools, tackle ethical complexities, and equip myself with knowledge, strategies, & essential skills that take me from 'AI-what?' to future proof—and have fun in the process!

Get Started with Generative AI

A Course to Leverage
Human Potential with AI

Using AI to Scale, Impact & Transform

AI is the New Electricity
TQ™ is the Power Core

Explore TQ™ and AI's "What" and "How"

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Kickstart Your TQ™ and AI Journey
Step by Step

The TQ™AI Labs

Designed for
Social Entrepreneurs &
NGO Leaders

We have been serving international NGOs and Social Enterprise Startups since 2009.


AI is the New Electricity
TQ™ is the Power Core

Your AI Lab

A 5-Lesson / 5-Coaching Sprint

Lesson I: AI Primer with Hands-on Intro to Generative AI

Lesson 2: How to "Speak AI" to Get to What You Want

Lesson 3: Mastering Prompt Engineering with Live Coaching and Hot Seats

Lesson 4: What is TQ™, Why it Matters and How it Gives You an Essential Edge in Prompt Engineering

Lesson 5: Integrating TQ™AI into Your Day & Your Organization— Practical Use-cases for Future Readiness

ONLY $497!

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Next Lab: July 5 - 14, 2023
Mon, Wed, Fri 1:00 PM Eastern

All Students Registered Get:
24/7 access to Replays, Cheat-Sheets,
& Access to the ACTIVATE Community.

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